Madonna calls kale gay

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Madonna angered fans by using the term "gay" to describe both the vegetable kale and Russian President Vladimir Putin during a Buzzfeed game.. 6:21 pm, April 24th, 2014

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During a feature on BuzzFeed Madonna was asked to name the first thing that came to mind on various topics, when asked about "Kale" Madonna replied with "Gay" to express her dislike.

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Madonna is not a fan of kale: The Material Matriarch was playing a word-association game with Buzzfeed and called the leafy vegetable "gay.". Madonna Calls Kale “Gay” In Buzzfeed Interview April 24, 2014 ● by Dan Avery

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She also decided that Russian president Vladimir Putin was “gay” too. She said that about Putin because of his anti-homosexuality stance. She’s trying to be funny about Putin. The kale response is different. Madonna does not.

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Gay Network does not share data with advertisers. Now, I’m not Madge’s biggest fan (for me she burnt out after the Ray of Light album and this continued desperate attempt to be.

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Latest Videos Galleries. Madonna calls kale (yep, as in the vegetable) gay omg - Thu, Apr 24, 2014 15:07 BST

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Madonna slammed for describing leafy vegetable kale as `gay` - London: Madonna has been slammed by her fans after she used `gay` as an insult for leafy vegetable kale in a word association game.