Spermatocytic seminoma pathology

Embryonal Carcinoma of the Testis

OCT4 Staining in Testicular Tumors: A Sensitive and Specific Marker for Seminoma and Embryonal Carcinoma.. Surgical Pathology Report Examine an actual biopsy report to understand what each section means
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Pathology Surgical Pathology Images Histology Micrograph Gross Path Histo Cytology Meningitis Alzheimer Type II astrocytes Gunshot wound, tattoo pigment Chondroblastoma Chondromyxoid Fibroma Chondrosarcoma, Conventional Type .

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Seminoma by definition must be pure seminoma on histology and not associated with an elevated serum alpha fetoprotein(AFP). . non-seminomatous germ cell tumours. Macroscopic pathology Drag here to reorder.

Metastatic spermatocytic seminoma

Emerson RE, Ulbright TM. Pathology. 2010 Jun;42(4):344-55. PMID: 20438407 [PubMed - in process]. Spermatocytic seminoma of testis with sarcomatous transformation

Testis and epididymis

general isochromosome 12p intratubular germ cell neoplasia post-chemotherapy seminoma spermatocytic seminoma NSGCT-general carcinoid choriocarcinoma dermoid cyst diffuse embryoma embryonal carcinoma mixed.

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Distinction between different subtypes of seminoma is no longer performed; however, spermatocytic seminoma, effecting elderly males, represents a separate entity with different chromosomal aberrations. . Testicular cancer 1, Seminoma

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Germ-cell explanation. . Spermatocytic seminoma by Aggarwal, Nidhi; Parwani, Anil V. / Archives of Pathology Laboratory Medicine

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. for approximately half of all TGCTs, are further subdivided in two distinct subtypes, classic seminoma and spermatocytic seminoma (Ulbright, T. M., et al. , Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C. pp 1-100, 1999).

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A: Spermatocytic seminoma (HE x 20). B: same field (anti N-cadherin x 20). Many of the tumor cells show the zipper-like membranous staining.